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The FERAL Story

Our story began in 2012 in Skopje, North Macedonia. Back when we had only one polishing machine
one drill and one saw working with 3 employees in a 100 square meter hall.
X-Star and Console were the first products we started to produce.
Today, we are privileged to connect with millions of costumers with more than 600 products
our company produces in 3.000 square meter halls with more than 100 employees

FERAL is named after materials our company mostly work with,
chemical symbol FE stands for Iron and Al stands for Aluminium
and the R in middle stands for original, completing our name FE-R-AL

FERAL Mission
Our mission is to inspire more DIY enthusiasts with our innovative hardware
that our company offers a large variety of DIY products

Our Products
Hardware for DIY enthusiasts
Hardware such as semi-finished products, metric threaded rods and sheets.
The sophisticated combitech® system with innovative features such as the drill alignment groove.

Building materials
Dry construction profiles, baseboards and profiles for laying floor coverings such as
parquet, laminate, tiles and PVC.


Order and storage range
Create order in the storeroom, workshop or garage: with the order and storage range
FERAL offers a system of hooks, rails and much, much more.


Our Company
 Our Company is based in the East side of Skopje, capital of North Macedonia.
We work in premises with more than 3.000 square meters and around 100 employees
We have more than 60 machines for drilling, bending, pressing, polishing, molding, rubbering,
cutting, packaging etc..

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